About Olivia

Olivia Bridges was born, raised, and spent over half her life in the Mississippi Delta. It is extremely rare when a native Southerner is bold enough to seek the truth and write it with abandon. Rhoades to Bridges breaks the consensus of silence held by those who still cling desperately to the pride, pageantry, and plantations of a bygone era. Bridges delivers the long buried true story that now must be told.

One can’t get much more “Southern” than the heart of the Mississippi Delta and that is exactly where Olivia Bridges was born, raised, and spent over half her life. Coming from a family of writers, Olivia always had a burning passion to write but the demands of family and career overshadowed that passion for a long while. That is until Olivia and her husband moved to Latin America and she found the precious gift of time to write. She read many books written about the South but knew first hand that amid the stories of the South’s two worlds-one of majesty and the other of malevolence, there was a completely different story which had never been told-the story of her own family who lived in between those two worlds. Telling THAT story became Olivia’s inspiration for her debut series Rhoades to Bridges.