Praise for Anonymous

“I laughed-I cried-and then I laughed until I cried” Eleanor G., New York

“Never before has anyone captured true compassion between the races the way Bridges has.” Ginni M., Alabama

“Olivia Bridges arouses all five senses. I saw the bursting bolls of cotton.  I heard the melodic song of the mockingbirds. I tasted the ice cold pink lemonade on a summer day. I smelled the honeysuckle on the vine. I touched the tear-stained face of Melanie Bridges.” Elizabeth T., England

“Rhoades to Bridges is a masterpiece.  The depth of the plot and character development are genius.” Ruth K., California


(Rhoades To Bridges Series) (Volume 1)

Behind closed doors of the Mississippi Delta, lies a tangled web of seduction, secrets, sin, and shame. Inspired by actual events, Rhoades to Bridges is an explosive saga which defies the confines of genre. From Steel Magnolias to Ghosts of Mississippi, there have been a great many stories told about the South: her majesty as well as her malevolence. The series begins as Melanie Bridges wins a landmark lawsuit which rocks the nation all the way to the Supreme Court. With this victory, Melanie finds herself at the pinnacle of her legal career; yet, unmarried and childless, she is consumed with a burning desire to find deeper meaning for her life, apart from her professional persona. Taking a sabbatical, Melanie sets sail alone, bound for the Caribbean. Anticipating being far from home and loved ones, she takes with her a treasured photograph album from which her grandmother had told family stories when Melanie was a small child. She expects the photographs will give her comfort in the long hours of solitude. Surprisingly, they do much more than she could have imagined as they carry her on a journey of a lifetime, through 150 years and the complex relationships connecting seven generations. She recognizes that the Bridges have always been a unique breed, exceptionally strong, bound by faith and family, with the courageous women of each generation unifying and triumphing over the unbearable circumstances of their day. Melanie realizes the family secrets which once threatened to shatter the very core of the Bridges dynasty now serve as her salvation. From the past, she discovers she is but a solitary golden thread woven in the magnificent tapestry of a collective destiny.