Rhoades To Bridges Series


Rhoades to Bridges is more than a series of novels for me; it represents a long and emotional journey. Over the span of eight years, across six countries, and two continents, I wrote Rhoades to Bridges while sailing the Caribbean with my husband aboard our boat Memory Maker. Olivia Bridges will be given the credit for this work but the reality is Rhoades to Bridges would have never been born without all the wonderful people who contributed their hospitality, knowledge, time, and support of the novels and me. If I were to attempt to individually thank everyone for the role he or she played in Rhoades to Bridges, I could easily fill another book. Thank you does not begin to convey how much I truly appreciate each of those listed below.

Writing is often a lonely profession, filled with long hours of solitude apart from family and friends. No one sacrificed more for Rhoades to Bridges than my amazing husband Bill who supported me every day and in every way. I am eternally grateful that God blessed me with the most wonderful best friend and partner a girl could have.

The others who so graciously donated to this work are listed alphabetically because each person played a part in the Rhoades to Bridges experience. Some played a minor role and others a major one but all were equally important. It brings me great joy to finally be able to publicly thank my family and friends who believed in me. My apologies in advance if I overlooked anyone. I assure you it was not intentional.

My deepest gratitude to: Ardath Stanton Francke, Arnold in Cartegena, Ben Giddings, Billie Wilmon Jenkin, Dr. Bob McClimans, Bonnie Schmiddy, Pastor Brady Owens, Caleb Pirtle III, Candel Russell, Carol Ann Smith, Carolyn Higgs Stanton, Catherine L. McClimans, Champagne Formats, Cheryl Letsch, City of Cartegena, Colombia, City of Rockport, Texas, Diane Straub, Doc Caughlin, Dylan Tarver, Elizabeth Tanner, Frances Tanner Swift, Garlon Lain, Hank Hodges, Haydon Lain, Helen Stanton Cullifer, Izzy Rollins, Jenna Rockett and the Rockett.net team, Jenni Stanton Lain, Jennifer Bray-Weber, JoAnna Grace, Joe Coomer, John Stanton, Joyce Chastain Roach, Judy Farrish Johnson, Kathy Eppley, Kim Horan Bruner, Kim Liston, Kim Parsons, Kittie Schwebel, Liz Stanton Haskins, Lucy Dougherty, Magdeline Abraham, Mark Andrew Barylski, Marty in Cartegena, Mary Jane De Cutler, Mike Stanton, Natalie Haskins Laukitis, my NCC family, Orlando in Cartegena, Patsy Futch, Paul Roessner, Paul Edward Smith, Pauline Shuler Lewis, Perian Conerly, Ranay James, Russell Smith, Roy Gardenhire, Sarah Stanton Crimmins, Savannah Tarver, Selena in Cartegena, Simply Defined Art, Stella Gold, Tom De Cutler, Tommy Haskins, Tommy Haskins, Jr., Tuitti Nichols, Y&R PR, and last but not least, my four-legged cheerleaders, Bruiser, Chanel, Lucky, Mickie, Otis, Rufus, Sugar, and Waffles.

With great love and gratitude,

Olivia Bridges

To Bill-You may now buy that new yacht as I promised when we began this journey.

To Kim Horan Bruner-Did Robert Frost really write Gulliver’s Travels?

Bridges Blood, Volume 2 in the Rhoades to Bridges Series coming soon!